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Genealogy is the tracing of family lineages and the study of family history. Using multiple sources, genealogists establish a historical record of a family kinship. The study of an individuals ancestry is not and exact science. Conclusions are drawn from source information, ideally original records and documents, and information extracted to acquire the necessary data. Validity is based on the quality of the information gathered from a source.

Information on this site is grouped into “family cards.” The home card of this site is for Henry William Patzer, born 1879 and died the 31st of October 1973. He was one of 13 children from his father Albert Patzer, born the 6th of October 1846, and died the 7th of January 1913.

PatzerFamily.com wishes to be a central data depository for the acquisition and verification of excepted information for this line of the Patzer lineage. Since errors and incorrect data can be acquired, it is imperative that valid information be obtained from first hand sources, i.e. family members and acquaintances. Information for living relatives are marked as confidential. If a death date is missing for an individual and it is within 100 years of a recorded birth, their information is also marked as confidential. To update or add data to this tree, please contact me at the address below. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.